MBFH (Miami Beach Flamingo Hunters) is an event organization with the focus on the organization of festivals. The company was established in 2004 in The Netherlands.

MBFH responds to the fact that festivals reflect many facets of society from social interactions to economic processes, from leisure and entertainment to disciplining behavior. MBFH operates from a starting-point that a festival is more than just a party: it also serves a social purpose. MBFH combines experience, culture, society and sustainability in their festivals.

In a festival experience, personal context, social context and physical context come together in interests, motivations, knowledge, interactions, routing, site-design and facilities. The MBFH festivals have a special DNA with regard to this experience.

Culturally and socially, MBFH festivals play a role as ‘ playground ‘ for musical and creative talent. During our events we create room for new talent so that students may skill themselves in decoration, design, management, music etc.

To ensure that our festivals are sustainable, we focus on efficient use of energy and efficiency in the processing of rubbish. Also the clothing we sell and use is Fairtrade and Organic and when it comes to food and drinks our suppliers are assessed at fair trade and organic assortments and we ensure that no long journeys are required for our suppliers and products before arrival at the festival site.

The ultimate goal of MBFH is to create superior events and unforgettable experience for our visitors. Therefore MBFH puts lots of energy, attention and money in decor, service, participation, and safety. It shows our ambition and ensures that all MBFH festivals have quality, are trendy and have the international allure we promise our fans and visitors and which we stand for..